Naturescaping Services

Naturescaping Services

Enhance your home or business by incorporating native plants into your gardens and landscapes.

Connect with the surrounding natural landscape by incorporating elements to the plant pots and gardens  right outside your door.

Our experts can help you create a beautiful garden with native species and  wildlife habitat elements.  While providing  the benefits of a traditional garden, nature scaping can save  time, water, and money! 

Convert a corner of that thirsty lawn or enhance an existing border to include  interesting grasses, flowers and even trees and shrubs. Learn about the plants traditional, wildlife and medicinal uses.

Naturescape gardens can include:

  • Native plants that provide beautiful flowers, fall colour, and food sources for you and wildlife, including the birds and the bees.
  • Rocks and boulders, logs and stumps that create interesting visual features and microsites while providing wildlife habitat
  • Water features to enhance your garden and provide a place for birds to bathe and drink as well as other wildlife
  • Bat houses, bird feeders and human-made nesting features.

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