Outreach & Education Services

Outreach & Education Services

Our  goal is to share our passion for the natural world and provide resources that lead to an understanding and appreciation of ecosystems, culture, stewardship and sustainable living.

We host exciting community events that showcase and foster connection with the beauty and diversity of our region. Past events include the Salmon in the Canyon Festival, Walking with the Smolts Community Celebration, and Watershed Art Show and Auction. 

With the wondrous diversity of rivers, wetlands, forests and mountains around we can custom design programs that are multi-disciplinary and always include interactive and hands-on activities and a stewardship component. 

We can work with teachers and instructors to develop tailored programs to meet learning goals and outcomes from elementary school ages to elders.  You're never too young nor old to connect with the wonders of life around us. 

Let's get outside and learn by doing!

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