Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Environmental assessments
and Monitoring 

  • Environmental assessments, mapping and GIS services
  • Environmental monitoring and assessments for construction and infrastructure projects
  • Terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem baseline inventories
  • Fish, wildlife and habitat surveys
  • Development and implementation of long term monitoring programs
  • Invasive plant assessments, management plans,  monitoring and treatment
  • Soil and water quality monitoring and sampling
  • Cultural and  archeological Monitoring

    Environmental Monitoring

    Our trained biologists and technicians can provide on site environmental monitoring for construction and infrastructure projects.  We have worked on projects in hydroelectric reservoirs, highways and infrastructure projects, industrial facilities and construction sites.  Our emphasis is on conservation of native ecosystems while supporting project implementation.  We produce environmental assessments, and project specific, environmental management plans, including erosion and sediment control plans and site remediation plans.

    Ecological Monitoring

    We can take on projects of all types and sizes. We provide services to First Nations communities and land  managers, industry, non-profit organizations, conservation groups, schools, homeowners and  small business. We have worked in a range of ecosystems including aquatic, riparian,  grassland, forest, alpine and wetland habitats.  We design, implement and report on ecological monitoring projects including terrestrial and aquatic habitat as well as fish and  wildlife.  We provide GIS mapping and analysis services as well as compiling technical reports.

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