Honouring our Past - Protecting our Future

Splitrock Environment is an award-winning aboriginal business, owned by the St’at’imc community of Sekw’el’was.  We specialize in ecological stewardship, environmental monitoring, native plant propagation and ethnobotany.  Our environmental services include habitat, fish and wildlife inventory, mapping and monitoring.  Through our restoration work, we can create long-term adaptive management plans and implement those projects from start to finish.  We operate a native plant nursery and can supply plants specific to your region.

Our work began in 2007, when we partnered with the Lillooet Naturalist Society to undertake restoration works on the banks of the Fraser River.  Since that time we have built a strong reputation and proven track record in the region.  We are passionate about the natural world and our connection to the land.

About Sekw’el’was

The community of Sekw’el’was is nestled in the middle-Fraser Canyon of southern British Columbia.  Sekw’el’was translates as “split rock” referring to the split in the mountains surrounding the community and the cold waters of Cayoosh Creek plunging into pools between two rocky cliffs.

The community is located in an area rich with resources such as fish, game, food plants and medicines.  This made the community a prime nation to trade with.  Many nations travelled along ancient trails and waterways from north and south to visit and barter with us.  We welcomed people into our territory and were great hosts.  These qualities are still very evident in our community today.  We invite you to join us and learn about our culture and our land through our eco-culture tours and educational programs.


BC Landscape and Nursery Association

Naturescape British Columbia

Native Plant Society of British Columbia

Society for Ecological Restoration International

Aboriginal Tourism BC