New greenhouse lighting

Our nursery staff at Splitrock are busy preparing for all the upcoming projects that will take place throughout the year. To support our restoration and reclamation work, we have over 40000 native seedlings planted in the greenhouse including 5000 whitebark pine seedlings, 15000 sedge seedlings, 6000 blue joint grass seedlings, and 15000 sitka alder seedlings.

This week we installed lamps into the greenhouse to extend the growing season. These lamps will mimic spring conditions and ‘trick’ the seedlings into starting growth sooner. The lamps will turn on at dusk until 9 pm, and then again from 2 am until dawn. To further help the seedlings along, we have also turned on the under-bench heating. Water is heated in a wood furnace and runs through tubes installed under the greenhouse benches. This process warms the seedlings and promotes plant growth.  In just a few weeks we can expect all of the seedlings to sprout and begin growing!

Come take a stroll around the Splitrock office and spawning channels to explore the animal tracks left behind in the snow.

by Splitrock Environmental