A reminder to slow down on the road

As reminder to SLOW DOWN on the road, we are happy to share this beautiful poem and artwork by local artists…..

On the Duffy today: Teenage Deers

A teenage deer hit by a car
Lay smashed against a roadside berm…
The ravens and the crows had come
To feed on flesh no longer firm

I travelled on and then returned
Three teenage deers had come to pay
Respects to one who had passed on
A sibling / cousin passed away

They circled round and round the corpse
When cars drove by, they left the scene
To come back when the cars were gone
They paid respects to wipe things clean

As humans we should not detract
From Life that we have all attacked

Written by Local Artist 15 May 2016

Picture by Avaleen Adolph for the Watershed Art Show

_DSC0077 copy

by Splitrock Environmental