Gravel Cleaning

Cleaning for the big homecoming! The beds are clean and the rooms are vacant. Between August 8th and the 12th, Splitrock crews worked with Ohio State’s – Brian Halm, of Streamside Environmental, to clean gravels in the Lower Spawning Channel. Streamside’s ‘Sand Wand’ technology has been developed to provide a low impact deep cleaning of instream gravels. The process jets water into the gravels and sucks dirt and silt laden water out leaving cleaned spawning, egg incubating and aquatic invertebrate (ie. Fish food) hotel space. The process is aimed at boosting the productivity of the man made and managed spawning and off channel rearing habitat at the Lower Spawning Channel in Lillooet, B.C. We are awaiting the arrival of the Pink Salmon later this month, they will be the first to enjoy the clean sheets! Be sure to check out this awesome spawning event at the Lower and Upper Spawning Channels. The run will peak around mid September. The Spawning Channel will be monitored for spawning, algae cover and aquatic invertebrate colonization in the areas that have been cleaned in comparison to the areas that have not been cleaned.

(Sand Wand Equipment)


(Brian firing up the pumps)


(Odin hoovering the beds)

Odin Cleaning


(Odin and John)

Odin and John Odin and John 1


(Splitrock Summer Students Remmy and Parker conduct a parallel treatment using some old fashioned elbow grease to clean the surface of the gravels)

Rem and Parker

(Cleaned gravel on the left, uncleaned gravel on the right)


(Before cleaning on left and After cleaning on the right)

Gravel After





by Splitrock Environmental