Saving the Fish


This summer we helped save fish.  We went to the Powerhouse Restoration Site to catch small fish, also known as fry, that became trapped in a pond due to the Fraser River rising and lowering . Eventually this pond would dry out, therefore killing the fish that made that pond their home. We scooped them out with small nets and we put them into buckets to bring back to our office – catching the fish was harder then we thought. Even though we saved about 100 fish from the pond there are still many more fish in that pond. After catching the fish we brought them back to the Splitrock office. Sadly, when put the fish into our tank at the office some of them were eaten by the bigger fish that we had already had in the tank. So even though we did try saving the fish there were some fatalities.

-Remmy, Parker, Daniel and Graham, Summer Students

by Splitrock Environmental