Walking with the Smolts

Well, another year of Walking with the Smolts has come and gone. It was a beautiful event – one of the best we have had with the addition of the concert in the middle. First of all we would like to thank everyone for coming out – it was packed! We have some recordings of a few of the songs that we will post shortly.


But there were also so many amazing stations around the spawning channel teaching the kids (and adults!) about our ecosystems and the plants and animals that are all around us. Together we learned how to plant a few of our native species, the importance of birds and bats, the wonder of aquatic invertebrates, all about salmon, and many other pieces of nature education. Starting a conversation about the natural world with kids in our community at a young age is how we can ensure that our community and broader world has environmental stewards in the next generation.

Hosting 700 kids is always a lot of work, so we want to thank all the volunteers and others who made the day what it was. We hope everyone enjoyed all that the day had to offer – and that you’ll come back! The spawning channel and nursery are beautiful places to come walk, birdwatch, or to buy some native plants for your garden – and you are always welcome.




Fish painting with the Smolts (Kids)!

Belted Kingfisher!

Belted Kingfisher!


Decorations around the spawning channel




Volunteer beavers


Stream and pollution modelling

by Splitrock Environmental