Our Team

Management and Administrative Team

Jessica Hopkins

General Manager

Jessica is a project manager with over 10 years experience in the environmental field. She has a strong background in fisheries and aquaculture research, project management and environmental monitoring. Jessica also works as a policy analyst and advisor with the National fisheries committee and National aquaculture working group. Past projects Jessica has participated on include lake productivity modelling, salmonid tagging, fish behavioral trials, and enumeration studies across the Bridge-Seton watershed.

Shauni McDonald

Administrative Assistant

Shauni joined the Splitrock team in 2015 and is passionate about being part of an aboriginally-owned environmental company. Prior to working here, Shauni was attending school to become a Business and Accounting Technician. At Splitrock, she greets our visitors in our main office and is responsible for administrative duties including payroll, book-keeping, and providing support for all on-going projects. Outside of work, you can find Shauni busy driving her kids to hockey and figure skating and keeping her family fed and clean!

Biology Team

Odin Scholz, B.Sc.

Restoration Ecologist

Odin is an accomplished restoration ecologist with over 17 years of experience working in a variety of ecosystems across British Columbia. Odin's outlook and experiences allow him to identify creative and innovative solutions to ecological restoration. He has developed, implemented, and monitored complex projects for reservoir drawndown zones, contaminated sites, mines, linear projects, and regional developments. Additionally, Odin has a broad base of knowledge in land resource mapping, federal and provincial legislation, environmental monitoring, and technical report writing. Outside of work, Odin is busy chasing after his three boys and maintaining a working farm.

Environmental Technicians

Daryn Scotchman

Environmental Technician

Daryn is a Sekw'el'was community member and has worked at Splitrock Environmental for over 6 years. She has diverse experience from habitat and land use surveys, implementing restoration work, assisting at outreach events, data QA/QC, and developing maps for clients. Daryn is currently training to become a Land Use Advisor for the Sekw'el'was community. In the future, Daryn aspires to go back to school and study natural science.

Native Plant Nursery Team

Marilyn Swain

Nursery Supervisor

As the supervisor of Splitrock’s native plant nursery, Marilyn’s primary responsibility is harvesting native plant seeds from the local landscape and growing the seeds into marketable produce. This involves tasks such as replicating natural soil stratification, precipitation regimes, and frost timing in a greenhouse environment. Also, Marilyn spends a lot of time on industrial sites salvaging native plant species for re-planting after a disturbance. Prior to working at Splitrock, Marilyn worked on a local produce farm. On the weekends, you can find Marilyn busy tending to her own plants and gardens.