Environmental assessments and ecological restoration are our key services

  • Ecosystem mapping and GIS services
  • Vegetation baseline surveys and monitoring programs
  • Development of comprehensive habitat restoration plans to meet your stated goals
  • Implementation of restoration plans and on-going monitoring
  • Propagation of native plant species for use in restoration works
  • Fish and wildlife surveys
  • Soil and water quality sampling
  • Environmental, construction and infrastructure monitoring on sites that may impact fish, wildlife and archeological sites

We can take on projects of all types and sizes. We provide services to non-profit organizations, conservation groups, schools, homeowners, small business, and industry. We have worked in a range of ecosystems and situations including riparian sites, grasslands, forests, wetlands, hydroelectric reservoirs, industrial facilities and construction sites.

Ecological restoration requires a good planning process, which includes ecosystem mapping and assessing the existing condition of the site, as well as developing goals, objectives, timelines and a budget. Once the Restoration plan is in place the restoration work can begin! This work includes removal of invasive plant species, preparation of area for planting, and replanting with native plant species that are adapted to your local conditions. Once the on-the-ground restoration work is complete, on-going monitoring and maintenance may be required.