Walk with us to discover our land and culture

Enrich your understanding of the environment around you – with Splitrock Sek’wel’was eco-cultural tours.

Join one of our knowledgeable aboriginal guides for a one-hour natural history walk.  Get up close as we explore the habitats, plants, and wildlife of the area.  Hands-on and interactive!!

Explore the connection between our culture and the land.  Check out fish and invertebrates up close, learn about pools, riffles and glides, discover riparian and grassland habitats, and then taste test some great berries and juices (in season) and see the work of our local artists and crafters – maybe even make something yourself!

Tour Schedule:

  • One-hour tours – June to October
  • Hours: Tuesday to Saturday:  11:00 am or 1:00 pm
  • Place: Splitrock Centre – Seton River Lower Spawning Channel