Coho in the Classroom

Last week we told you about fish eggs that are currently living in our streams waiting to hatch. This week received some eggs here at the office! Leslie Riley, who works with the Lillooet Tribal Council delivered 50 eggs for us to take care of until they hatch into alevin and develop into fry. Later this week she will make her way to the schools so that students there can also learn about these fish and help care for them.

We were lucky enough to tag along while she went to the T’it’q’et Daycare and Preschool and the excitement on the kids’ faces to see the eggs up close and watch them wiggle around their fish tank was amazing.

As an environmental and aboriginal business we are ecstatic to know that young people are already learning the importance of taking care of one the most precious resources we have in this area – our fish.

Eggs in Container   Eggs in lid  IMG_1828   IMG_1831

by Splitrock Environmental